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United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: I don't have a set genre of taste, just whatever captures the imagination really.
Favourite photographer: One that doesn't take photos of me.
Favourite style of art: Comics tend to grab my attention, but whatever inspires me really.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: TF: Music Label Soundwave B)
Shell of choice: Donatello's. According to Playmates Toys, i'ts as tough as tank armour.
Wallpaper of choice: I prefer painted walls, really.
Skin of choice: Rhino hide!
Favourite cartoon character: That one who's all cartoony and stuff.
  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Snakes and Ladders
  • Reading: Andrew Loomis stuff
  • Watching: Dumb and Dumber
  • Playing: Bionic Commando (that new one)
  • Eating: Crumpets and stone bakes.
  • Drinking: Coffee
Stole this from that one who's on this site.

▶ What is the character you've drawn the most▶
I think it's either one of my gunslingers or me when I was 4 and had toothpaste hair. Probably the latter!

▶ What colour do you often use?
I love my oranges and browns. So really earthy colours

▶ Any colour you are bad at using?

Most? I'm not good with colours at all, so end up messing up an otherwise adequate drawing.

▶ When drawing people, where do you start?

Head, though that's only for doodles really. Otherwise I'll draw a big line where I want them, then just randomly scribble around until it begins to shape.

▶ What is a character only your eraser will love?

Urgh, simple looking people/ characters. Ones who don't have exagerrated angular features so you need to be subtle to get their look down properly.

▶ Which of your works took the longest time?

Ha! All of em. Probably the comic I'm working on now because I love not working.

▶ What techniques do you use when you want to improve in drawing?

Generally spend longer on a drawing than I ever have done, just to get everything right. Strive for accuracy and what not! I suck at drawing people quickly and 'capturing their essence' as my life drawing teacher would say. Though once I captures the essence of Hagrid from Harry Potter by drawing a beard with eyes and lips. She would have loved that.

▶ What do you think of the art of the person who gave you this picturememe?

Colours are nice, though it's not to my personal taste, though I can appreciate why it would be liked.

▶ What art tools/media are you good with?

Pencil and ink? :( I suck at using colour, though I do use gouache quite a bit.

▶ Art tools/media you are bad at?

I can't draw on a computer fer shit, and don't have a proper understanding of colour.  

▶ What do you think about your own art?

I don't like my own art much. I'm too much of a perfectionist to see any redeeming qualities in it and have the bad habit of comparing it to things that I shouldn't be. My biggest gripe with it is that I don't have my own style. Everyone else I know tend to develop their own styles and I have no clue how they do it! I think being inspired by loads of different art styles is a problem with this. I keep changing my style to suit the piece of work I'm doing, and that's the biggest problem I think.
College has an annoying tendancy to force you to experiment with lots of different styles etc, and then when you assume it's safe to stop doing things you don't want to do, they tell you you're not moving forward. So you experiment like they said, and they tell you that your work is unrecogniseable because you experiment with every piece. >:O

▶ Do you consult magazines for your drawings?

In what way? I get National Geographic for inspiration/ reference to lots of random stuff.

▶ What do you like about your art?

My judgement is too clouded to see any good things in it.

▶ What habits do you have while drawing?

None, since i change evertime. Oh, I guess I have a lunch break every 5 minutes.

▶ Are you good at drawing faces facing right?
Dunno. At the moment I'm learning the anatomy of the head, so I hope so! Or at least better than I was...

▶ How frequently do you draw?

Every day, though it's not always serious - just doodles and stuff. I feel far more at ease/ less stressed if I'm not always thinking about how presentable the artwork is.

▶ What do you do when you have artist's block?

I'm in one right now. I get in a bad mood and can't even look at a pencil. Yet something keeps telling me that I should carry on and not bother waiting since that doesn't accomplish anything, so I get more annoyed.

▶ What must you have when you draw?

Maybe music, but sometimes it's distracting for me. I hate working/ drawing around others.

▶ Do you have a lot of stray lines (messy lineart)?

Not in a finished piece, though I'm never good at knowing when to vary my line weight. Sketches are chicken-scratch-tastic.

▶ What is drawing to you?

I define drawing as being something like draftsmanship. Liek being able to produce something that looks believable because of the artists' skill. Then there's sketches and doodles and everything else.

▶ Your goal from now on

To compare my artwork to own? Just try and improve over the last one. To also take my time and stop diving in head first in to things I know I can't accomplish straight away without knowledge in other areas first.

▶ Artists you've had influence from?

Ray Harryhausen - His puppets/models really inspired me when I was younger, and his key frame drawings are also lovely. He's inspired by artists who paint the type of epic stuff I loved when I was a kid and still do!

Herge - And for something 'mundane' (as in, not in the realms of the fantastic) I love Herge's stuff. I love his method of creating worlds within stories, and relishing in the small aspects of the environments around us. Thanks to him I have a big interest in depicting foreign cultures/ environments.

Ivan Bilibin - In a way similar to Herge with the semi photo accurate backgrounds. i love the linework in his prints aswell as the colours and the design sense. Always been interested in folklore, too.

It's strange that I don't show influence from any of these in my own artwork, though. I guess because like I said earlier, their good points contradict each other. Harryhausen and Bilibin use varying line weights to convey depth whilst Herge doesn't, so that focus is on everything. I love both those reasons, so which do I choose for mine?!

▶ Artists you like?
Robert Crumb, Ray Harryhausen, Ivan Bilibin, Herge, Jean Giraud (Moebius), Raphael (cowabunga), Da Vinci (more his sketches than finished works), Gary Baseman, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner... the list goes on, but this is a handfull I can think of for now.

▶ Which is easier to draw, humans or animals?
Humans! Defining everything else as just animals is rather vague since anatomy varies so much amongst them. :S

▶ Please tell us the title(s) of your own comic(s)

Apart from Ace High, which is the western one I'm working on, the others don't have titles, and some were never finished since I;m lazy.
Don't Look Now, Donald
Duck Tales! AwoOOoo!
Fat man who eats chocolate eclaires and gets angry when he realizes he's not the fattest man in Britain.
Dragnonball Z - a fan comic I did when I was 10, blissfully unaware that it had already been done by some bastard called Akira Toriyama.

▶ Show us an old picture…

▶ What is the charm-point of your art?

God knows...

▶ What is the first thing you would draw if we're talking about fantasy?

The Green Man.

▶ Please draw your most beloved character

My character?

▶ When thinking of characters is it mostly female? male? or androgynous/no sex?

Androgynous. I think more about creatures than I do humans.

▶ What did you draw yesterday?
Alan Whicker.

▶ What is the funnest part to draw?

Of what, Alan Whicker? His nose and cheeks.  

▶ What part of other people's drawings do you notice first?

If they can draw convincing humans or not.

▶ Regarding backgrounds, what is your method of making it easier to draw?

Just use perspective.

▶ What colour coordinations do you like?

Mainly sort of subtle/ dull warm earthy tones with a streak of light blue or something to bring attention to it.

▶ What character did you last draw?
Alan Whicker is quite a character, but truthfully, some celtic farmer's daughter character for an assignment I'm basing on Welsh folklore.

▶ Does your style change easily?

If I see an artist's techniques I like the look of I'll start emulating that for a while. A housemate does this too, but talks about it more. Other than that, I can't say my style changes all the time because I don't have a style to begin with. I'm like the Bruce Lee of artists, only Bruce Lee was pretty good at what he did.

▶ What part of drawing do you pay most attention to?
Composition and anatomical features, though unfortunately as pointed out by my teacher recently, I concentrate too much on these and step back to realise the person's head is the size of a small car.

▶ How do you feel about drawing H pictures?
I remember someone back in school once asked if I could draw something like this for them. Bit weird though since it was one of my characters used in my friend and mine's story. :S

▶ Do you like criticism from others?

Certainly do, and hate the people who look for sympathy by saying their artwork is shit and then moan when someone agrees with them.

▶ how many people do you normally draw per artwork?
Wtf kind of question is that?

Feel free to steal this from me who stole it from someone who stole it from someone.

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